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What is Vision Rehabilitation?  Part One—A Service

In Part One, vision rehabilitation is explained as a service provided by specific agencies, with a link provided to those agencies in Florida.  In Part Two, the term vision rehabilitation is used to refer to an occupation, a career for professionals who work at those agencies.  Part Three explains the specific training that is provided by certified professionals in agencies that offer vision rehabilitation service.

Vision Rehabilitation is a service provided to people who are living with vision loss.  For older adults, it offers training in new techniques and new ways to do daily tasks of living.    Depending on an individual’s preferences and needs, these activities may include:

  • managing personal needs,
  • preparing foods and eating a healthy diet,
  • taking medications,
  • paying bills,
  • using magnifiers and other low vision devices to read, watch tv, handle mail and medications, etc.
  • using technology including computers, talking books, iPhones, etc.,
  • staying in touch with friends,
  • being involved in the person’s own family, faith or community as much as desired.

For younger individuals, Vision Rehabilitation services also include:

  • skills essential to success in school,
  • Braille,
  • computers,
  • job skills and job placement.

The goal is that an older person who is visually impaired or blind can choose how they want to live—how much assistance they want or don’t want—where they want to live whether it be their own home or with family or any one of many residential facility choices.  There are additional goals for babies, children and adults such as success in school, work, raising a family, and community leadership.

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A visually impaired man is shopping in the grocery store using a handheld magnifier.

A visually impaired man is shopping in the grocery store.


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