Hi everyone my name is Dave Steele and I’ve come to be known as The Blind Poet.

It’s a pleasure to introduce myself to you all and this new blog opportunity with ASB.   I’ll be sharing my experiences living with blindness, as well as my poetry that has been a source of support and inspiration to people all over the world.

I want this to be an open interactive platform so you’ll be able to comment on my posts and ask questions on any of the topics I cover in these blogs and poems.

A little about me. I was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) in 2014 which left me an unemployed father of four struggling to come to terms with my vision loss and isolated by anxiety and depression due to the financial pressure put on my family.  After discovering a new found ability to write poetry about everything sight loss and writing about my experiences and sharing them with the blind and low vision community, I became known as The Blind Poet.  I have written over 1000 pieces of poetry that people around the world use as a tool to explain to their friends and family how they feel when they can’t find the words themselves.  I’ve written a trilogy of best selling books (Stand by Me RP, Stand by Me RP, Volume 2 and Stand by me RP, Volume 3) which became number one releases in America and Australia in 2017 and 2018.  In 2021, I wrote and released a new series of Children’s books, Austin’s Amazing Adventures.  Austin’s Amazing Adventures were written to break down the social barriers many children face living with disabilities and different life challenges. In total, there will be six different books published.  

My life now seems a million miles away from where I was just eight years ago. I often speak at special events around the world and always say that I don’t just write the words, I mean every single one. Every day I try to be there for anyone who finds comfort in my words.

I’m thrilled to be on the ASB team and hope you’ll follow the page, it’s going to be amazing. In the meantime here’s my website where you can find all my links to my social media content.  


All the tears that I have shed and scars upon my wrist
have made me who I am today prepared me now for this
I wouldn’t be so strong
if I had never failed before
I’d still be isolated scared to step outside my door
I’m not saying that I’m over this those bad eye days still come
For even now whilst reading this I’m blinded by the sun
I’m anxious and my chest is tight I feel like giving in
But deep inside my heart I know I’ll never let this win
I promised just years ago when blindness certified
Through poetry I’d share my tale to others far and wide
So no one ever need to feel alone with losing sight
Explain their thoughts to loved ones through these verses that I write
But never did I imagine that my words could do so much
They’ve healed the hearts of strangers
Opened doors with slightest touch
I’ll be a friend my pride will mend
My purpose clear to see
3 books will be my legacy My Stand By Me RP
I know that soon these faces that I look upon today
Will disappear but I won’t fear
These memories will stay
My wife my sons my daughter
In here will never age
My love for them is printed in each poem verse and page
When last has gone I’ll carry on to make my family proud
To be a voice for others help them lift this hazy shroud
Inspire them to grab a cane and step outside their home
4 words each poems message saying

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