Our friends at Senior Advice have reached out with an answer to Question #2.  See below for All Five Questions and how Florida Agencies Serving the Blind can help you or someone you love who is blind or visually impaired.

Line drawing of a man with his right hand closed against his chin as if he is thinking.Question #2 – Where can I find housing or assisted living?

SeniorAdvice.com is a team of experts who “came together to solve the problem of understanding and finding the best assisted living and senior care.” Help finding safe housing or quality assisted living for visually impaired individuals is #2 on the list of The Top 5 Questions posed to Florida Agencies Serving the Blind.  So we are pleased to share a link from Rebecca Pope, Community Outreach and Senior Advocate for SeniorAdvice.

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When you have a parent, child, other relative, friend or patient who is living with vision loss or losing vision, Florida Agencies Serving the Blind (Florida ASB) is here for you.  We are a consortium of 16 individual agencies that strives to ensure that all FLORIDA counties and all ages—birth to 100+ years of age have access to much needed services.

QUESTION #1:  How can I regain daily living skills?

We provide quality Vision Rehabilitation services that help you regain daily living skills.  Usually, Vision Rehabilitation makes it possible for people who are living with vision loss to remain living in their own homes, safely.  Read more about Vision Rehabilitation on our website here:


QUESTION #2:  Where can I find housing or assisted living?  

We offer information, resources and work with collaborative partners to help with housing issues or making decisions about the best choices for housing.  We also collaborate with many other resources, including Senior Advice.


QUESTION #3:  Who can help me select the proper low vision aids and/or accessible technology?

There are many vendors of high quality magnifiers, electronic low vision aids, other devices to make daily living tasks easier, and technologies.  We can connect you to local resources and state-wide resources for these products.  These resources offer a wide selection, demonstrations of different low vision solutions and some training.  We at Florida ASB also offer guidance on selecting the right aids and we teach you how to use these devices and technologies.


QUESTION #4:  Is there a support group for me as a person with low vision, or my family?  Are there groups where I can meet friends and socialize?

Support groups and social groups are a powerful way to make connections with new friends who also are experiencing vision loss.  Sharing ideas and solutions, talking to someone who understands, laughing again—that’s the wonderful thing about support groups.  Contact us for the names of groups near you as well as activities we offer for book clubs, games, discussion groups, veteran chats, exercise classes and group phone chats and video calls.


QUESTION #5:  How do I help by volunteering?  How do I prepare for a career working in the field of vision rehabilitation?

Volunteers are important!  And we always want to encourage students looking to become the next generation of vision impairment specialists.  Call or use our contact information form to connect about volunteering or pursuing educational opportunities.  Check out our webpage about careers:


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