Our Mission is Serving the Blind


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A United Voice for Blindness and Visual Impairment

Florida Agencies Serving the Blind unites the individual voices of Floridians with visual impairment, member agencies serving the blind, eye care professionals, and members of Florida’s legislature. Together, we enhance the quality of life for Floridians with vision loss while enriching our communities. At Florida Agencies Serving the Blind, we provide those with visual impairment access to services that empower success in every area of their life.

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Our Values

At our core, we value professionalism, stewardship, integrity, leadership, and diversity. At Florida ASB, we strive to demonstrate a commitment to excellence, collegiality, mutual respect, cooperation, consistency, and consumer service. We employ only appropriately credentialed staff whose duty is to maximize, nourish, cultivate, and multiply the resources available for vision rehabilitation services in Florida. We believe there is a genuine and unique strength from the appreciation of differences in background, origin, orientation, and ability and celebrate opportunities to promote them.

Our Goals

With over 2 million Floridians in need of vision rehabilitation— every day is an opportunity to create hope. In 2017 alone, Florida ASB nearly doubled state dollars for babies and children and made significant contributions to state revenue including federal matches for teens, working-age adults, and seniors with blindness. We continue the forward momentum through our organizational goals listed below.

Continuity of Care

Increase the pool of qualified vision rehabilitation professionals providing comprehensive services statewide.

Statewide Support & Collaboration

Expand the availability of vision rehabilitation services offered across the state.

Community Awareness

Educate about the implications of vision loss and the benefits of available services.

Legislative Advocacy

Grow resources available for vision rehabilitation services.

George Tice

“Before I found the Lighthouse, I let my blindness define me. I allowed myself to be dependent on friends and family. I began sentences with what I can’t do. Slowly, my circle grew smaller around me. Friends stopped calling and getting together with me. I became depressed. I reached out to the Lighthouse and began training. A whole new world opened up for me. The instructors not only provided training for me to navigate the world safely and with confidence as a blind person, but I learned to say, I can.”

Anne Hatton, employee of Lighthouse of the Palm Beaches

We’re here to serve your needs.

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