The Americans With Disabilities Act is under attack.  The votes of Florida Senators Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio are needed to protect the rights of people who are visually impaired.

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), the landmark civil rights law for people with disabilities, was signed in 1999 by President George H. W. Bush after a resoundingly bi-partisan vote in Congress, but too many Florida business owners still deny travelers who are visually impaired these basic rights:  an Uber ride, boarding a plane, and even entry into a restaurant.

The threat right now is a strong effort in Congress to pass HR 620, which will let businesses sidestep ADA either when building/renovating or by thoughtlessly placing obstacles in the way afterwards.  In the case of people with visual impairments, the problems are usually based on the wrong-headed perception that the presence of blind people is a liability.

The House of Representatives voted in February to pass HR 620.  Supporters say the bill cracks down on frivolous lawsuits.  Opponents say, “Justice delayed is Justice denied.”    The bill allows a business to delay 180 days or more to make corrections, after receiving a complaint.   Really?!   Six months to change your attitude?!

The bill won’t become law if the Senate votes NO.  Tell Senators Nelson and Rubio to vote NO.  Click here: and here:

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