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Lighthouse for Visually Impaired and BlindCintia has been a client of the Lighthouse Children’s Program (along with her older brother) since late 2019. She is very shy and lacking in confidence and found it a challenge to try new activities without being by her brother’s side. We worked to increase her comfort and she began to show independence as we introduced adapted skills for daily living, sensory integration, and socialization. Then the pandemic began and LVIB’s Children’s Program was quickly converted for curbside delivery. With curbside, we bring all the educational materials and equipment to the child’s home and we sterilize everything and follow all CDC recommendations. This arrangement allows each child to safely receive training. Cintia loves this curbside services and with them, she is blossoming. Her newly developed skills includes how to use the grid method for locating items; how to handle utensils safely; how to self-advocate to get her needs met; and how to move safely and to orient to her surroundings. Cintia has developed confidence in herself because of her newly developed skills. She still spends lots of time at her brother’s side, but she also looks forward to independently completing all her LVIB assignments and activities.




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