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Happy thanksgiving to all of you who celebrated yesterday. I hope you went to bed last night with your hearts and belly’s full.

Even though here in the U.K. we don’t celebrate thanksgiving I’ve always taken the time every year to send wishes to my friends and family in America as well as taking a little extra time in my day to remember all that I’m thankful for.

As I’ve talked about countless times before living with low vision has taught me to be thankful everyday for the things that most take for granted. But at this time of the year I’m especially thankful for my family and those that I love in my life.

What are you especially thankful for this year. I’d love to know.

I’ll leave you with this poem. Make sure you check in with me next week for a very special blog.

Don’t take your sight for granted

the things that you can see

Life’s beautiful feel in memory seal

consume them carefully

The smiles of those who love you

that look within their eyes

Each frame hold on

for soon may come

the day it shrinks in size

For I know how important

this little left I’ve got

I’m thankful for the sight I have

won’t dwell on what I’ve not

Tomorrow’s sight uncertain

No promise of our cure

So I will love and cherish these gifts today for sure

I’m hooked on visions beauty

I’m lucky for it’s grace

I soak in every detail upon my true loves face

For soon that blurred tomorrow will finally be here

So I won’t blink whilst on the brink

This blindness I won’t fear

Although sometimes I worry

for days when sight has gone

I know that when that time arrives this life will carry on

I’m an expert at adjusting

Been doing it for years

I’ve learned to breathe whist I still greave

I’ve learned to own my fears

I’m stronger than I thought

I’m braver than you think

For I have saved my life before when stood there on the brink

I wonder though sometimes

if my heart is growing numb

These days I don’t feel half as much for what is still to come

It flows like waves in ocean

Like sudden change in tide

I sit here writing words for you

whilst from outside I hide

But I have made a promise

that I won’t stay here long

For even in the darkest times I know that I am strong

My battles with depression

These anxious feelings shake

I try to find new ways to win

from the moment I awake

But you won’t see me failing

Just try and try again

For through these words my thoughts are heard

by hand of Poets pen