Take a break from blindness

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Living with sight loss can feel pretty draining at times. Some days it feels like everything we do is affected and our choices throughout the day are affected by how much or how little we see. When we meet people for the first time often it’s the first thing that comes up in conversation. They see a blind person instead of just the person. We try to not let our blindness, our disabilities or our limitations define us but at times that can be easier said than done.

This is something I definitely find difficult and I know how much it affects my wife and children. Being known as The Blind Poet is something I’m so proud of and I wouldn’t change it for the world but it’s all consuming. I’m either writing my latest piece of poetry, preparing for an event or working on a project project. Other than going to the gym and spending time with my family that’s all I do. So when my wife and children talk about their day, far too often when it’s my turn to talk it’s blindness related. I’m very aware how much this impacts them and I know I get burnt out and mentally exhausted with it all, so I’ve learned to have days or periods like the holidays where I make a concerted effort to not talk about it. To just be the husband and dad my family need.

I think we all need to take a break from blindness. I hope reading this will remind you to take yours.

Today all the talk of fading sight and anxious mind

I’m choosing not to focus on,

I’m leaving them behind

With my shades on

my worries gone with cane I’m out my door

to face the stares I feel prepared whatever lay in store

I’m done with isolation my exclusion from a life

today I’ll be the man I am the husband to my wife

the father to my children and the hero they all need

Instead of just a blind man who through crowds they need to lead

I’ll take a break this vow I make from blindness need a rest

So for today these simple things won’t feel like they’re a test

My mind is set on playing games and laughter with my son

Pretend that we’re avengers fighting battles til they’re won

and though I may not see too well our imaginations fly

For there’s no limitations or of talk of eyes that die

But just like everything in life today I know ,will end

But I will still be smiling when the blur and haze descends