Self Care

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Self care awareness week

This week is world self care awareness week and although it maybe true that there seems to be a different awareness day month or week all the time it’s safe to say that most people neglect their own self care more than we should. I know so many of my friends that spend their time looking out for others but often forget to take care of themselves. We’ve all heard the saying “how can we take care of others if we don’t look after ourselves. This is something I’ve been reminded of recently. Whether it’s out physical or mental health we all need to take time out of our busy lives every now and again to recharge or refocus. It’s easy to get caught up in our day to day stresses and commitments. Sometimes there’s not enough hours in the day and we simply don’t have enough time for ourselves.

Recently I’ve been so busy with my work as The Blind Poet helping anyone affected by blindness. I’ve been involved in two important film projects which I’ve spoken of in my previous blogs. I’ve been writing for various campaigns and even writing for commercials for products that seek to enrich the lives of those living with disabilities. Combine all that with being a stay at home dad and husband and the impact it has had on my mental health is taking a toll. I had to cut my last trip to America short because I felt drained of all my energy and this has impacted my remaining sight. I decided to scale back my schedule and make a concerted effort to try and make time for me. Now it doesn’t always mean taking a long break to focus on self care. Just taking 30 minutes out of your day to relax, listen to some music, meditate or just do something for ourselves can be enough. Self care isn’t being selfish and you shouldn’t feel bad for telling others you need some time out. It’s natural to feel guilty about it but it’s vital and perfectly normal to need a break every now and again.

What do you do to take a break?

Whatever it is I hope that reading this today will possibly remind you that self care is important and we all need it.

Close your eyes a moment

listen to that voice within

I know sometimes it’s hard to take a break from everything

There’s people who rely on us

There’s things we need to do

but none of this can happen

if you don’t take care of you

It’s easy to forget sometimes

the days go by so fast

we try to make to time but find the time for us’s gone past

But we are only human and our mental health has limits

We all need time to recharge even if it’s just 5 minutes

So make today a day where you take care of yourself first

A time when what life’s taken for your soul is reimbursed

For all this things you need to do can wait

they’ll still be there

Don’t ever feel too guilty

We all deserve self care