New Year’s resolutions

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As 2022 comes to an end many of us will be making New Year’s resolutions and setting goals for 2023.

Maybe it’s quitting a bad habit or getting in shape. There are lots of things we intend to change at the beginning of a new year but most of us would admit that often our good intentions don’t last. This New Year’s Eve I’m doing things differently. Instead of setting my usual goal on fitness and healthy eating I’m making a promise to myself to create more special memories and moments for the coming year. Those of you who regularly read my blog here will be aware that I’m at the end of my useful sight. Around 3 months ago I realised that the last part of clarity in my eyes had gone. I was no longer able to see the faces of my family clearly. That gave me the urgency to do things now rather than wait, to take in the moments that little bit more and not to waste the opportunities that life gives me each day. I’m currently working with a group of filmmakers who are helping me document this important stage of my journey into blindness. It will be a much needed example for anyone out there affected by blindness and an important tool to help others understand the realities of the spectrum blindness is. Every special day is tinged with sadness and thoughts of will this be the last time I see this. Today (New Years eve) is my wife and I’s 8th wedding anniversary and as we prepare to celebrate with our family I find myself soaking in the moments that little bit more wondering how differently new year will be and where my vision will be at.

So what will 2023 bring?

Undoubtedly I will lose more sight. That’s a given. But I’m more focused on what I’ll have more than on what I’ll lose. I can’t wait to travel more, especially to Florida again. I can’t wait to be with my friends at all the lighthouses and have the opportunity to read more of my poetry to you all. On a personal note I’m looking forward to spending more time with my wife and children. Watching them grow and soaking the moments as we experience new and exciting things. There will be at least 2 new books from me in 2023. More announcements will be made soon but I am really excited to share with you what I have planned.

Whatever you hope to do in 2023 make it special and make it count.

Happy new year from my family to you and yours