National Poetry Day

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National Poetry Day

This Thursday is National Poetry Day. Around the world and across social media it will be a day to celebrate the power of poetry and the impact it has in our lives. Now you don’t need to be a poet, a poetry buff or even consider yourself a fan of poetry but most of us are impacted by the stories and messages that have been written in verse. Before I started to lose my sight 8 years ago I’d never written poetry. But I found myself turning to writing as a way for me to express everything I was going through. I’d previously worked as a singer and because of that I understood that poetry is just the same as music. It’s spoken word with a rhythm that has the same power to make the reader feel every emotion the storyteller shares. Today more than ever poetry is being used across all forms of media whether it’s music, especially rap. Television commercials use poetry to create emotion in 1 minute to connect with the audience. Charity’s often use poetry as a way of telling the story of those they are trying to support.

My love for poetry grows more and more and it’s true to say that if I hadn’t of turned to it in my darkest moments then I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

I’m writing words and rhyming verbs that soon I will not see

but every poem I have wrote

lives in the heart of me

I mean what I’m reciting

it’s a vow that I have made

the strength that it has given me will never ever fade

It helped me to express myself when I was at the start

when I felt disability would tear my life apart

But through its healing powers I am proud to be today

a poet that this blindness won’t ever fade away