Motivation Monday

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Imagine if you wake up everyday with $84,600 in your bank account and everyday at the end of the night it’s gone whether you wasted it or not and the next day you get another $84,600. You would do everything in your power to spend it because you know the next day you’re going to get another $84,600,.you don’t want to leave nothing there. You’d make the best of it right?

You get 84,600 seconds in a day so why waste time?

It doesn’t carry over to the next day. It doesn’t earn interest. So take every day and make something of it. Make something positive. Make a moment for you or those around you.

This is something that I’ve learned over the years through my challenges and especially since I started to lose my sight.

So what are you going to do today to make it count?

What memories are you going to make this holidays for you and those around you?

You’ve got 84,600 seconds make them count.

Today is often cast aside for what maybe tomorrow

We focus on uncertainty and what may lead to sorrow

But I have learned the hardest way as vision takes it’s bow

Appreciate all my today’s

won’t wait I’ll do it now

So if you’re waking making plans to find a new excuse

to stay home more

unlock your door

it’s time you knew the truth

There’s so much left for you to do

You’re more than how you see

Within every disability you’ll find ability

But please don’t think that I don’t know how hard first steps can be

Especially when the second one you cannot really see

Just put your trust in us because you’re really not alone

My words are here to guide you

till today is yours to own


Image description

Drawing of a Calendar on a triangular shaped stand with 3 binder rings at the top. The paper has a red border running alone the top of the page and the bottom section is white paper. On the bottom section are the words Today is the day!