Monday Motivation

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Motivation Monday

It’s the time of the year when many people find it hard adjusting to winter. The holiday season is almost upon us and with it brings lots things people with sight loss struggle with. Shorter days of day light can mean it’s harder for us to get out. I myself struggle to go about my usual routine. For example taking my son to school at this time of the year means darker mornings and afternoons. The playground is hazardous enough at the best of times to navigate with my cane whilst it’s flooded with children streaming out of the school doors but add in the darkness and it fills me with anxiety.

But through the years I’ve come to realise that I can’t let these things stop me doing the things I love and the simple act of picking my son up from school is definitely one of those things I won’t let blindness stop me doing.

So how do I motivate myself to push through those challenges. I’ve learned to remind myself that it’s perfectly natural to feel anxious in these moments and to not beat myself up because of it. The first step is always the hardest and as I’ve said in these blogs many times before, nothing is as scary as it first seems. That feeling we get when we face our challenges head on is something I remind myself when facing the next obstacle.

So whatever it is your facing today remember you have overcome ever challenge you’ve faced before.

You’ve got this.

Today I will not be confined by RP’s blurry walls

I’ve recovered from these bruises these accidents these falls

The frustration living in me I am choosing to ignore

For today I won’t let nothing keep me home behind closed doors

I’m avoiding glare of sun  and glare from strangers who accuse

that just because I’m on my phone this blindness is a ruse

They fail to see the spectrum of how sight loss does it’s thing

or how the little I have left don’t mean that I can’t bring

my unique gifts let balance shift the unemployment rate

just because we have low vision doesn’t mean we can’t be great

So I will be the best of me despite my fading eyes

Come join me on my mission no longer compromise