If they only knew

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Have you ever felt like people don’t understand you because of blindness/low vision?

That there preconceived notions of what blindness looks like or what it means to live with additional needs.

Do they fail to see the varied ways disability can affect the things most take for granted?

Well this week I want to ask you if you had one wish, once things you could change about the way the world perceives blindness what would it be?

How much of a difference would more understanding make in our worlds?

Would we be more confident when we are out if we were better understood and judged less?

Would we be less isolated?

Would more of us use mobility aids to get around without the confusion and lack of education around them?

Whilst you ponder those questions I’ll leave you with my thoughts in poetry.

If they only knew the things we do to cope with losing sight

then possibly they’d see that we are always trying to fight

against the misconceptions that can often isolate

Before you make a judgment

take a second


just wait

For blindness doesn’t mean that we can’t look you in the eyes

that living life is over

it’s just more a comprise

Constantly adjusting to the view in front of us

It’s oh so complicated all the things that sight loss does

Just take mine for example

it’s like seeing through a straw

Some days an uphill battle just to step outside my door

Tired of peoples looks whilst I’m out trying to use my cane

I hope that just for once

“You don’t look blind” they wont exclaim

For if they only knew how those 4 words can make us feel

it’s like nothing that we go through or we say is really real

Just because the way we look doesn’t match the stereotype

doesn’t mean we’re faking or what we say is all contrite

I’m happy despite this blindness I feel blessed for all it’s taught

the lessons through life’s challenges the memories it’s brought

And anything I’m losing I am choosing positive

For when this little left has gone my blind life I will live