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So another Halloween is almost upon us and for most people around the world celebrating it brings party’s, dressing up and trick or treating. Lots of spooky fun and activities and for those of us who are parents an exciting night for our children. But for parents who are blind and visually impaired it can often be a difficult time.

Here in the U.K. we don’t celebrate Halloween quite as big as you do in the USA, but every year there seems to be more people decorating their houses than the last. My house is no exception, today we bought our pumpkins and will carve them ready to put outside this weekend. Our next door neighbour always goes for it with the decorations so there are lots of ghosts and monsters which move and light up when someone walks by.

For me though it’s generally a time I stay in more. The clocks go back this weekend and already it’s getting darker earlier in the day. My night blindness means that even in the slightest dim it feels like complete blackness, so when it comes to this time of the year going out at nighttime can bring many challenges. I tend to stay home whilst my wife and children go out trick or treating. It’s hard to see my son Austin all excited to go out in his costume and me not be there with him but my anxiety due to my low vision makes me feel like I would spoil it being there or not be able to appreciate it anyway. So I tend to stay home alone. Unfortunately another problem I have with the way I see is that when there’s a knock on the door from other trick or treaters I feel unable to answer it because when I open the door when it’s dark outside I can’t see who’s there as my eyes struggle to adjust from different levels of light. So instead I sit upstairs trying to pretend there’s no one home because I feel bad. I know a few of my neighbours know about my sight loss as they see me with my cane or my guide dog, but I know a few must think I’m being miserable for not opening my door.

I know I’m not the only one out there who experiences things like this around Halloween but I’m sure some of you have some amazing tips and tricks for making the most of this holiday.

I’d love you to share some in the comments.

Regardless of how you are celebrating this Halloween I hope you all have a wonderful time.

Tonight it is that time again,

that comes just once a year.

But if your VIP like me,

it brings a different fear.

For Halloween to most is nighttime full of tricks and treats.

But what shares me the most,

isn’t the ghosts under white sheets.

Cause every time they knock my door,

I struggle to see who’s there.

It’s just another challenge to face for those visually impaired.

I face the dark so my children don’t feel that they’ll miss out.

With every step that I can’t see I feel consumed by doubt.

So if you know someone like me,

tonight lend your support.

Not looking for your sympathy,

but just some extra thought.