Find Your Lighthouse

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picture of a lighthouse at night shining its bright guiding light

The one thing that everyone I have had the pleasure of working with have in common is a mission to change the way the world views people with disabilities.

In the blind community there is an unemployment rate of around 75 percent.

This in my opinion is not down to the abilities of those like me, but the misconception that many employers perceive that a person who may need accommodations is not as valuable as someone who may not need those accommodations.  Of course, this is far from true.

During my recent visits to the Florida Lighthouse’s, I’ve seen their amazing teams and service users thriving in their jobs, providing essential services, manufacturing products, and displaying skills to be proud of.   The people I have met have shown passion and determination that most employers are crying out for today.

There is still so much to be done and this inspires me to work harder in all I do.   Our voices need to be heard, our skills need to be seen and with the shining light of hope that organizations like the Florida lighthouses there’s a place for me and you to follow our dreams.  

Find Your Lighthouse 

I’m afraid of blindness but I’m facing all my fears 

It wasn’t until clear sight lost that vision then appeared 

In my mind there is a clarity to see what really counts 

and this I know will always be no matter sights amount 

The world out there discriminates what they think that we can do

but there is still a life out there for those like me and you 

There’s still too many unemployed the rate is far too high 

yet their reasons are not valid now’s the time to ask them why 

For every task eyes struggle with there is a work around 

an answer to the question for each challenge we have found 

I’ve witnessed this firsthand at ever lighthouse I’ve been to 

a shining light to guide ashore those lost like me and you  

So if you’re at a crossroads and you don’t know which way to turn 

looking for a place in life a chance for you to earn 

there’s opportunities for you to reach potentials peak 

erase their misconceptions being blind is far from weak 

There’s strength in you to do whatever you want to achieve 

Go out and find your lighthouse those in you that do believe