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All of us associated with the Florida agencies serving the blind and it’s Lighthouses have in common a passion for supporting people living with not just blindness and low vision but any disability or additional needs. It’s about giving them the tools and skills to find a place in the world. To offer emotional support and advice but most of all it’s to make sure no one ever feels alone. Living with a disability can be incredibly isolating and it’s easy to think no one really understands. I remember feeling like this when I was first diagnosed. But I found that by talking to others around the word on social media and various support groups that I was far from on my own. There were so many people going through the same experiences I was and those who had been there and got the t shirt. Having others to speak to was one of the most important factors of me coming to terms with the challenges I was facing.

Now I know no matter how dark the clouds gets it’s never just me it’s always us.

It’s us

I used to feel so sad about the sight I fight to hold

But all the things that I once feared have cleared and left me bold

Although my eyes are almost done I’ve won more than I’ve lost

I’m thriving blind and in my mind it’s worth more than it’s cost

Yet people still don’t understand why I feel blessed to see

these days through shrinking tunnel it’s a challenge meant for me

The darkest times that we all face replace the fear with pride

remind us when we think we’re done that there’s more left inside