Do It Now!

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Do it now!

An image of a female advocate talking through a megaphone

Having a condition like Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), a condition that has been progressively taking my eyesight for many years, has taught me many things about doing things now. One of the most important things I’ve learned is to live each day like it’s the last I’ll have clear sight. I’ve lived my life with that perspective ever since my diagnosis 8 years ago. 

It’s one of the blessings of going blind or living with any life changing condition, it makes us view the world in a way that most people fail to see. I always say that I use my small tunnel of vision to focus on the beauty of the world. The important things, the little things that most people are oblivious to as they rush around with their heads stuck in their cell phones. I see so much more now that I’m almost blind and I grab every opportunity much tighter than I did before I started going blind. 

I used to be materialistic. I was more interested in possessions and money than making a difference in the world. Blindness has taught me that helping others is much more rewarding than any personal wealth. I wouldn’t be doing what I do now if it wasn’t for my challenges and discovering that I can take my biggest challenges in life and turn them into my greatest achievements has been life changing for me. So now I don’t wait. I do things now, whether that be taking a trip somewhere I’ve always wanted to go, jumping out of a plane or something similarly crazy or even just telling someone what they mean to me, I am going to do it now.  Tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us, so don’t wait, do it now. 


Do It Now


Today is often cast aside for what may be tomorrow 

We focus on uncertainty and what may lead to sorrow 

But I have learned the hardest way, as vision takes it’s bow

Appreciate all my today’s, won’t wait, I’ll do it now

So, if you’re waking making plans to find a new excuse to stay home more 

unlock your door, it’s time you knew the truth 

There’s so much left for you to do 

You’re more than how you see

Within every disability you’ll find ability 

But please don’t think that I don’t know how hard first steps can be

Especially when the second one you cannot really see

Just put your trust in us because you’re really not alone

My words are here to guide you

till today is yours to own.