The Beauty Blindness Brings

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The things that challenge us in life, the dark times and struggles every one of us face, shape us to be strong. One thing I’ve come to realize over the years is the most amazing people I’ve met are those who have struggled and survived their own demons just like me.

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Nobody goes through life without times that they fall apart, but it’s what we become in those times that determines our tomorrow. There are plenty of people who let their struggles become an excuse to destroy them and all those around them. I’m sure we all know people who have turned to alcohol and drugs to numb the pain and repeat the cycle of things gone by, but there are those that use the pains of yesterday to make a better life today. To not only help themselves but to help others around them.

Our scars are a reminder of all we can survive, and I use my own to do just that.

The challenges of life are my catalyst that inspire me to use poetry, to talk about the things I sometimes struggle to speak of in conversation. I let the rhythm of my heart spill onto the page without thinking too much, and when I do I find that I’m free to express my challenges, thoughts and hard to talk about subjects.

Writing poetry is something that anyone can do, and I’m determined to show as many people how.  I want everyone to be able to share their own experiences of living with blindness, low vision, a disability or different challenges through poetry and music.

In two weeks, I’ll be back in Florida in collaboration with the Florida Agencies Serving the Blind, Let’s Get ArtSEE and the Conklin Davis Center for the Visually Impaired doing just that, showing people how to use poetry to express themselves and live free.  I know all those in attendance will come away knowing the beauty blindness brings.  Come join us for a wonderful experience and see the rewards of art and poetry.  To find out more about this event, how you can attend or even how you can donate to this event go to or email [email protected].

The Beauty Blindness Brings

Sometimes I feel I’m drowning

my lungs are filled with fear

Slowly I go blind as clear vision disappears

I’m trying not to lose myself as eyesight takes it’s bow

but this is something I can’t do 

no this I won’t allow 

My family’s looking to me as a beacon in the dark

so, I won’t let it stop me though it’s clearly left its mark 

There are scars upon my wrists from battles I fought long ago

Yes, there are things that I’ve survived that most won’t ever know

I’ve been alone when I was young

no place to lay my head 

I kept my feelings to myself and hurt myself instead 

For years I lived my life like that 

I let nobody in

but as soon as I found my safe place 

my new life would begin 

Although the darkness in my life comes back to visit me

the difference now, I have my wife and precious family 

Yet people seem to come and go

just like my little girl

the miles and distance grew and grew

yet still she’s my world

But I must focus on those here 

I’ve sons to teach and raise

and as for all this pain for her I pray it’s just a phase 

So, on I go my strength I’ll show through poetry and rhyme

my heart will keep on healing 

just one day at a time 

So don’t feel sorry for me because despite all these things

I’m happy with these lessons 

all the beauty blindness brings.