Inspiring Hope & Support for
Floridians with Vision Loss


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There is Hope After Blindness and Visual Impairment

Florida Agencies Serving the Blind (Florida ASB) is your premier provider network of comprehensive rehabilitation services for Floridians living with blindness and visual impairments. As a nationally recognized model for returning people affected by blindness to productive roles in society, our member agencies are your one-stop destination for easy access to a wide menu of vision rehabilitation resources. Florida ASB means finding quality services from the primary source in Florida for CERTIFIED VISION REHABILITATION professionals near you to help you achieve your life goals.


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How You Can Help Transform Lives Beyond VisionLoss

There are over 2 million Floridians in need of vision rehabilitation. With your help, we provide extraordinary, life-changing educational programs and training for those with visual impairment. From safe travel skills, efficient reading, managing personal needs, and how to succeed in school, work, and community— our professional, nationally-certified, and university-trained instructors warmly help those who are blind reach their goals. Whether you’re an individual who cares about people with visual impairment, a member of Congress seeking resources, or an eye care professional— you can make a difference.


For over 13 years, Florida Agencies Serving the Blind has collaborated with members of Florida’s lawmaking bodies who take a special interest in vision loss issues. Together, we’ve achieved legislation filling critical gaps in services for blind children. From the creation of the Blind Babies Program, the Children’s Program, and through local fundraising— we’re serving 100% more children than possible with state dollars alone. Our joint efforts also help serve 50% more senior adults, which is the largest portion of Florida’s blind population. Across political party lines, our partnership is aimed at the promotion of services throughout the entire lifespan of Floridians impacted by blindness and visual impairment

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“Florida Agencies Serving the Blind is a state-wide network of private agencies whose specialized professionals provide the expertise and commitment that restores the lives of people who are blind or visually impaired. Florida is a recognized model of effective services for the nation.”

State Senator Kathleen C. Passidomo

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